A Company Research — Conducted in July, 2021

If you are considering to work for Snap Inc, preparing for an interview with them or simply learning about the company, this article covers in detail of the company ethos, years of technology developments, business strategies, risk management, work culture, social responsibilities…

A company research series


Should a Software Engineer work at Nesta?

As a computer science student, I was hooked after seeing the global programs initiated by Nesta. The subsidiary projects of Nesta. The websites created for those programs, for example: https://findingctrl.nesta.org.uk/ and https://www.bi.team/.

The reason behind researching Nesta was to ensure the company I want to apply…

Understanding the lack of resources to build and develop advanced technology

With the surveyed companies looking to hire more people, medium-sized companies are on a marathon to escape the crosshair of large companies spending millions on technology advancements and small startups with a very specialised team. Over 57% of companies in the mid-market are looking at technology, service and product development.

Mousuf C Zaman

Mature Computer Science student @City, University of London and an R&D specialist with a love for deep tech and machine learning

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