Robotics In The Construction Industry

Mousuf C Zaman
2 min readSep 4, 2019

Research and development into the intersection of robotics and ConTech

The construction industry is one of the least digitised sectors, IT and R&D spend doesn’t exceed 1% and only agriculture and hunting seem to be in a worse place. — Mc Kinsey & Co


GDN Intelligence focuses on providing the application of cutting-edge science, engineering and mathematics for companies who are falling behind on the ever-changing technology within their sector.

We specialise in computing hardware and software engineering and we are currently working with customers within the construction industry who understand that 70% of those not adopting digital will go out of business and believe that research and development of robotics is critical to not only keeping skin in the game but essential to being a leader.

Within this document, you will find a collection of research materials we have collected and put together. We hope to have provided you will enough information to learn about the ever-increasing implementation of technology within the construction and detailed outlook on robotics.

How to read this research manual

This is not a book.

It is a manual specifically structured for ConTech beginners to intermediates. I would recommend looking at the contents page and clicking to the chapter that is of your interest….

Become advanced in understanding robotics from the construction industry

…however, if you are in the construction industry and want to get several footsteps ahead, I would highly recommend going through each page and following each link on the footnote articles and books, select the area of interest from each of the article and go through further reading materials from blogs, books and research papers.

This manual contains 24,564 words with an average reading time of 3 hours and 9 minutes + initial additional reading materials average reading time of 30 hours.

ConTech is slowly taking off and we will see it pick up pace in the coming 12–24 months and it is an industry that requires much more technology transformation decision makers. It is not hard to start your journey towards that today.

We have included maybe 5% of the information we have gathered over the years of being a continuous student to ever evolving technology. Therefore, with an average study time of 33 hours, enrolling to educate yourself on ConTech will set you apart from competitors in a matter of weeks.

Robotics In The Construction Industry — PDF available on GDN Intelligence website:

Mousuf C Zaman

Mature Computer Science student @City, University of London and an R&D specialist with a love for deep tech and machine learning.