‘Spreed’ read 800+ words per minute — Study Hack

Mousuf C Zaman
1 min readAug 13, 2019

I have uploaded my intense research / almost manual pieces to gain a top 20% for industry knowledge on this website.

This required me to read through thousands of pieces of materials in a matter of a week and 16 hour days of knowledge gathering.

With an average reading speed of 200–250 words per minute….. my eyes and brain weren’t fast enough to follow the text………….

Like everything else in the world, I needed to automate it!

This quick video explains how I am able to read 800+ words per minute.

Mousuf C Zaman

Mature Computer Science student @City, University of London and an R&D specialist with a love for deep tech and machine learning. https://about.me/mousufnayon