Why Be A Software Engineer at Nesta? Here is why.

Mousuf C Zaman
15 min readJul 14, 2021

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Should a Software Engineer work at Nesta?

As a computer science student, I was hooked after seeing the global programs initiated by Nesta. The subsidiary projects of Nesta. The websites created for those programs, for example: https://findingctrl.nesta.org.uk/ and https://www.bi.team/.

The reason behind researching Nesta was to ensure the company I want to apply for is a company that can provide an opportunity I can take to a future in becoming one of the best software developers in the world.

Somewhere I can work to become the best version of myself and I know the support system will be there. Ultimately this will lead me to make a difference in the world, change people’s lives.

I encourage you to look through this summary and I hope it will encourage you to browse through their website as well as reports to see the list of global companies making an investment in Nesta, the team and trustee that provide rich expertise, commitments they have made for a greater good and how Nesta are leading the way by practising what they preach.

An introduction to Nesta

Nesta is an innovation foundation based in the UK. Formerly NESTA, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.

The old NESTA was set up in 1998 by an independent endowment in the United Kingdom established by an Act of Parliament, the National Lottery Act 1998.

On 14 October 2010, the Government announced that it would transfer NESTA’s previous status from an executive non-departmental public body to a new charitable body.

On 1 April 2012 the old NESTA transitioned from being an executive to a charitable body, shortening its name to “Nesta”.

5 fields of operation

Nesta currently operates in the following five priority fields:

  1. Creative economy, arts and culture: Growing the creative economy (through research and policy influence) and developing new ways of generating finance for organisations in the arts.
  2. Education: Helping all learners be prepared for future…
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