Why be a Software Engineer at Snap Inc.

Mousuf C Zaman
38 min readJul 28, 2021

A Company Research — Conducted in July, 2021

If you are considering to work for Snap Inc, preparing for an interview with them or simply learning about the company, this article covers in detail of the company ethos, years of technology developments, business strategies, risk management, work culture, social responsibilities, and detailed financial information.

Why be a Software Engineer at Snap Inc?

It took awhile to complete the research into Snap Inc, following where I can confidently recommend every computer science undergraduate student should consider making an application for a software related role there, in my case it is the interest of a Software Engineer.

In trying to figure out which area to specialise once I graduate next year, I turned to my keen interest in Machine Learning and remembering how much I enjoy Augmented Reality experiences. Snap Inc is one of many platforms to build a brilliant career, however they have taken the prize on innovating the way users can experiment with AR integrated into their daily social media use.

As you will discover reading front the research, Snap can provide a high level of autonomy in the creativity process you will be involved in. Your voice and your value is controlled by you, essentially giving a greater decision making in everyday work challenges at small and large scale.

They are a customer centric company, they have to be. Snap survives on the continuous increase of their income per user, this requires Snap to focus on the continuous evolution of their products. The need to stay ahead of their competitors. This requires a strong creative ability from their software engineers, it is a priority. This is reflected by the large percentage of their income revenue being invested in research and development of product and services. You can find this within the ‘Finance’ section below.

I love computer science and all its aspects where I see it as collecting information and data to solve a puzzle. Snap provides the opportunity to do this at a larger scale with a great group of great engineers (check out individuals on LinkedIn, their personal websites, articles and definitely thier GitHub repo).

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